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Beats By Dre Amazon Ha ha ha. Alright, I know, c is not nice, need to adopt to mock the iPhone 5 and its disastrous system me GPS (not to mention their earphones? that have the shape of your ear? e cens mislead users as they touch the top of the hi-fi). But what do you want that I you r answer when teased readers send us new so nice Australia d.

Tyre and l AFP we were thus qu d early week, Australian police made a press release cautioning motorists against the use of res d Apple acting them dangerous road maps and Council are. The reason? They simply have their slap d go rescue people who have s MUP and found in isolated areas are bring about the system me the five iPhone navigation.

The southern state of Victoria police reported that several drivers have taken the tangeante and have found s lost in the bushland of the natural park of Murray Sunset trying d go simply the city of Mildura, vrifiable by paths balis. Lead to? Apple locates the village to the c? ur of the national park is 70 km very far location r el moreover.
? The font is very unsure you automotive is not likely to buy water in the Park, while the temp temperatures can reach 46 degree Celsius s, which makes the potentially life-threatening circumstance. This is a dangerous position and we ask people not to use the new application maps of their iphone road if they go south of Mildura Australia [e situ some five hundred miles north-west of Melbourne]?
Six drivers were rescued after having followed the erroneous indications of their t l phone.

Your team's professionalism and logistical supervision abilities in dealing with the challenges suggested by the global character the this dental congress were extraordinary.

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Some are s rest lost for 24 hours while others had ramaswamy their vehicle looking for a mobile phone signal to call help.
“If it’s a day o temp temperature rises 45 degree s, you can die,” a d clar Simon Clemence, responsible for the police for the region of Mildura, the public broadcaster ABC s r.

Apple has refused any comment on this story. In September, the Cupertino firm had pr feels timid apology after finding what they n would not all correct in the foul e and run their users to the competition for all products that rel ve of the mapping.

Beats By Dre Audio Not the Korean sensation PSY or Justin Bieber earned the most last year, but Dr. Dre was in 2014 the most effective earning artist in the music world. The rapper/businessman performs the annual list of the business magazine Forbes to satisfied a annual income of one hundred million greenback.

The 47-year-old Dre earned a fortune to, inter alia, royalties, but the bulk came in his lucrative brand Beats By Dre headphones doorway. Also the number two and three on the list of Forbes are veterans: Pink Floyd-bassist Roger Waters money in 2014 about 88 million dollars together and Elton John about 80 million greenback.

Captain of the list last year, U2, came this year does not go beyond a fourth place attained an annual income of seventy eight million dollars. The British boyband TakeThat seized a surprising fifth place satisfied sixty nine million dollars thanks to their extremely lucrative re nietournee. The only two artists are younger than 30 years in the high 10 are Taylor Swift (8th) and Justin Bieber (10th).

Forbes presents its annual list together on the basis of estimated income from music sales, live shows, advertising revenue and merchandising. Earlier this year was appointed by the journal dj Ti? sto as best paid artist in the dance industry.

Beats By Dre At Best Buy The march of the listening to music online will be joined by a new provider, background on the recommendation of titles and artists, d 2014 goal. In an interview with the New Yorker, Trent Reznor, cr creator of the industrial rock group Nine Inch Nails, a d clar contribute the design of a new company of listening to music online. Named Daisy, this project has t launched by the trade mark Beats by Dr. Dre, beats Audio, d held in part by the manufacturer of smartphones HTC. If it brings together current greats, Daisy will have to confront many road blocks.
This march is regarded as satur. Outside companies centr es on this activity, such as Deezer, Spotify, Rdio or key, the offer of listening to music online is also e domin by Apple (iTunes) and Amazon. Google and Microsoft are for their section r s recently entered on this market with their own offerings. Each of these ants int the music in an agroecosystem gre g me software moreover big, reassuring. In this context, the differentiation diff is as difficult as required.

Read: Microsoft pr presents its competitor to iTunes and Spotify Xbox Audio


For Trent Reznor, the wide current catalogues of these expert services, between 15 and 30 tens of million of securities, have little meaning to the user. Expert services current sugg rent tracks grace the algorithms and, for some, are playlists of artists. Daisy would use “math for math tips user [but also] part s made choices leave recommendations of connoisseurs ‘, says the artist, who”s manual selection”and algorithms.

In preparation of this service, Beats Electronic devices had also retracted music online American am MOG in July, for approximately ten thousands and thousands of dollars (7, six hundreds of thousands of euros). The intervention of Trent Reznor in this project, apart from its status as an artist, is justified by its many more exp with its enthusiasts.

The artist is as well known for his expertise selling food by difficult relationships with record labels. In 2014, he had organized a treasure hunt online around his album 12 months Zero to create the expectation. In 2014, after having ramaswamy his brand, he has released two albums for free on the Internet, Ghost I – IV and The Slip.

The m me ann e, 9 Inch Nails released on Online several hours of recording in high framing his last turn e by their lovers. their former record company prohibiting them to save themselves my. Fans of the group are empar s of these vid os, providing their own fixtures online. A massive project, “of dozens of fans” for a year, has enabled the creation of Another Variation from the Real truth cr: the Reward, a “definitive d” variation of the concert, put forward by the Group leaving.

The alliance of Beats Audio, company in vogue, with an artist displayed near his community is a known recipe, other products displaying big names for their advertising. Remains the involvement of MOG and the participation of an artist known for his design of this new project independence.

Dropbox rach te Audiogalaxy
File Dropbox announced storage services, Wednesday 12 December, the redemption of Audiogalaxy, support streaming personal music for a collections amount non-laser. The company has been based by pioneers of sharing music online in even par.

Beats By Dre Apple Trent Reznor and Dr. Dre s team up to launch another platform d cost streaming on the internet (streaming) C referred to as e?Daisy?, for instant l at least. The blog should be initiated in the middle of l year coming. Dr.Dre ownership, company l Beats Electronic has already launched a brand of helmets (d) costs and Reznor just s attach to update the idea as? charg creation.?

the Spotify platform reference diff (which dominates the European market in), Deezer (r e implant to the Canada recently), Pandora, Very last.FM, key, cancelled or Grooveshark, Daisy will be earnings the recommendations of its community of users and experts d. These solutions will be harmonized with l costs d I made by consumers. In other words, you push and also away o id r n f referencing custom by adding expert viewpoints to the performance force f r.

? Existing solutions? with tens of millions of pieces… but l is not covered d [...] It lacks a program through which we could benefit d n b a smart switch?, think Trent Reznor, cit by the New Yorker and reprinted by the press.

Today, r f referencing custom is based primarily on software that suggests rer cat music comparable to the already downloaded music categories or cost on the internet by users from a platform. This is not enough. With clin d and the announced death of record stores (except for vinyl, c is ductibles irr – say a small portion of consumers), l expertise of record stores will have to migrate online as that of the patent s journalists.

? There is a real value in trust filters. C is like having her own statement, when you go to a record store, who knows what you like but can also take you by paths that you n would not have forced s borrowing a Reznor explained to the Billboard C magazine and relay by Num rama.

And what form will it take? trust filter? FA? on Reznor and Dr. Dre? Look see

For instant l, l changes between music lovers, m acquainted, connoisseurs are on debate boards, on blogs or on non-business platforms r serv es music lovers (Load Your Songs, for example). The direct discourse with the critics and columnists, it must be said, has been little explor e until now. c? media online TOC, professionals who animate blogs interact with their readers who talk to each other in general way. This blog is part of the exceptions, unnecessary stress.

C? t platforms destiny trade (selling online or subscribing to streaming),-it s sticks to the r software f referencing and it pays only very rarely the analysts that r lay directly the client the. The future of the stores is l? L experience by Reznor and Dr. Dre could be instructive in this regard.

That the U.S. am stars plant or not with their idea, the human factor shall be taken into account for the future of online music consumption. A r f referencing software cannot replace a comp tent store or a columnist worthy of this title.

Which Beats By Dre Are The Best Sponsored by Dr. Dre, with the blessing n m stretch of Tupac Shakur Cque are you appears in sue? I C, Kendrick Lamar is the last great one h roe and the three parentheses s d ED of hip-hop, a culture that is changing of Kings with breakneck speed. With their new and consecrating album, the ambitious really good kid, m.A.A.d city, a conceptual work of content b fico which recounts his adolescence in Compton, angeles Los, and c OM your obsesi n with hip hop ends alej ndolo gangs and certain death, Lamar alcanz top of the nero g. And, at the same time, you bin in dif cil Savior of hip hop, position, place inevitably and by own din g nero voracious mica, soon vendr to snatch the ultimate pr wonder.

By Javier Alcacer
?There currently is a nero g m s din mico to hip hop trendy? New songs, albums, mixtapes, freestyles, beats de-dusting of other styles, producers and int marchas forgotten recordings appear with each new d a; blogs news as 2DopeBoyz and portals like DatPiff (the web chosen by already established artists and those who still to fight it to disseminate their respective mixtapes) or RapGenius (which proposes a hermen letters utica): all that, the mere Sales n s m realize its validity (although never termin arrived with force to this part of the world). Despite this, or quiz s, precisely because of this context, is commonplace to say that hip hop est in disaster and put hope in a newbie to save him. PAS with Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Outkast, with Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, and recently with the collective Potential Peculiar. Each of them was elected by the specialized media as responsible for return you creativity and genius that rap allegedly hab to lost to tame at the hands of the discogr will and as a result of the success. The last of the month rap as forces to remember the conflict by which corri blood in the 1990s and is collectible the lives of The Infamous B.I.G and Tupac Shakur, two of the main figures of those to? I: dispute between the coasts East and West. From the consagraci n of Nas and Jay-Z, parec that hip hop of the coast this is people per square mile to stayed with the throne… until conquered what rappers from the South of United States, thanks to a direct, informal style and with a musical unprejudiced voracity that les motion take the best of the two traditions.

Kendrick Lamar was born in Compton in 1987 and recognized heir to the n of the west coast tradition. Do ten 8 to? I d that saw 2Pac and Dr. Dre during the filming of the music video for California Cherish (masterpiece that sampling a girl to woman, by Joe Cocker, and ARR sounding eager in the rioplatense summer of 96). Empez recording at sixteen, for a time became called K.Dot, while moves to United States as part of the crews of other artists. The jump gave him in 2014, with the theme of Ignorance is Bliss, of his mixtape Extremely Committed. Canci n seems to be a glorificaci very detailed n of the style of marginal life, claiming violence and killings by the gang last night celebrating. It seems, because after each stanza Kendrick repeats because ignorance is a blessing in a tone n l dreary. Content and how to deal the t peaks which prevail in hip hop are not what nico that stands out: Lamar RAPS without pausing, with a Cadence tica hipn and weaves clich s and descriptions inspired chasms with an extraordinary talent. By these d ACE, Tupac Shakur are you showed up in sue? you with a message: don’t let my sica m die. Under its influence, in 2014 Kendrick edit his first album, Segment.eighty. It present as a portrait of youth born during the a? I Ronald Reagan; in its letters appear addicted to crack, to antidepressants, alcohol, prostitutes, dolos AC two disgraced and debuts the neologism Hiipower, which refers to the three main things that must govern sec n Lamar and her compa? the collective Black Hippy eros: respect, honor and heart n. Area.Eighty it became a cult album, while Kendrick sigui demonstrating their skills as int rprete invited in songs by Rick Ross and Drake. In a recital, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and sport The improvised a ceremony lica symbol that crowned him as the new King of the West Coast, achieving that Kendrick is atragantara of the n. emoci Their compa? eros Black Hippy, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and Schoolboy Q released their respective records debut, following the path of honesty, self-awareness and skills impeccable technical that hab to path your friend.

It was then when Dr. Dre, 2Pac, 50 Cent and Eminem producer and a native of Compton, convoc to Lamar for which assist in Detox, the album that has been putting off since 2014 (not for nothing is called Ch

Beats By Dre App Trent Reznor, frontman of the band 9 inch nails, has announced that he is in cooperation with beats by Dre (known by the same name headphone? rer line) is working on a new music streaming service. Reznor said in an interview with the magazine the brand new York as reported the verge. Already in October, the musician had its Facebook subscribers the message about cooperation communicated. At that time, it was still unclear what exactly it is. The secret is now gel ftet: Dre, Reznor working on a music offer f rs world wide web, which wants to compete with the US service Pandora and Spotify.

Special music recommendations
The streaming service is set to launch early 2014 and hei? t the moment, Daisy (?)G? nsebl mchen). The special offer is a feature that the users-new music vorschl? gt. This attribute is known to Pandora and popular, spotify but completely. In an interview with the new Yorker said Reznor, the AMD? ge of the program work, as did male one pers? personal consultant in the Musikgesch? ft: he knows what you like, k? nne but also new ways show you that you do not come on w without him? rst. The programme on the one hand, technically (based on algorithms) to generate the recommendations, on the other hand, it is supposed to but also special AMD? ge type, select the music experts? select. So w would be a platform on which service? the machine and man is more intimate tr? fen Reznor than previously known, said in an interview.

Beats By Dre Authorized Dealer Rapper Dr. Dre pointed out by Forbes magazine as the most natural (m) which won the most recent annual survey publishes??the magazine estimates that he has collected one hundred and ten million dollar homes between May 2014 and also the m’s this year. much of the wealth, m, is due to the success of your brand colored headphones Beats by Dre. The rapper took $ 100 million home on the sale of 51% of the brand of manufacturer HTC earphones.

Atrs rapper in the list, you see Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters (88 million dollars), singer Elton John (80 million dollars) and the band U2 (78 million dollars). Phentermine? drive sales, the main singer Adele, is in 22nd place on the list with 35 million dollars homes accumulated between May 2014 and 2014. Your disk 21 sold 23 million dollars c sinks in all.

Singer with careers, Britney Spears, Bon Jovi, and said, is also in the rating. Britney’s figure thymus place (58 million dollar home), driven by sales of women’s Fantasy Twist. He preceded by Bon Jovi, which grossed 60 million dollars during the period. Said is on the flashlight, with 33 million dollars.

Beats By Dre Android Rapper Dr. Dre pointed to by Forbes magazine as the most physical m won in the last annual survey publishes??the magazine estimates that he has amassed a hundred and ten million dollar homes between May 2014 and even m s this year; much of the fortune, by m, is due to the success of your brand colored headphones Beats By Dre. The rapper took 100 million dollar homes on sale of 51% of the brand to the manufacturer HTC earphones.

Atr’s rapper on the list appear Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters (88 million dollar), the singer Elton John (eighty million dollar) and the band U2 (78 million dollar). Fen? disk sales, the main singer Adele, is in 22nd place on the list with 35 million dollar homes accumulated between May 2014 and 2014. Your disk 21 sold 23 million dollar c sinks in everyone.

Singers with careers, such as Britney Spears, Bon Jovi and Sade, also are in the rating. Britney s figure thymus place (58 million dollar homes), driven by sales of women’s Fantasy Twist. He preceded by Bon Jovi, which grossed 60 million dollar in the period. Sade is on the flashlight, with 33 million dollar.

Beats By Dre Black Friday When you purchase a headphone? m shall have numerous decisions. One of them: in-ear or on-ear headphone? rer? F? falls the choice on an on-ear headphone? rer, must direct the n? next decision: open or closed headphones? rer? Since Devil already offers the latter, is the range with the Ameliat true to an open headphone? rer erg? added. Open headphone? rer offer the advantage that they by their low D? r fight a very transparent sound with a good? volume figure offer. Since the construction pressure equalisation between the ear and the AU? transmission can take place, is the printing of closed headphones? rer-non-existent. Whether is the Ameliat serious for the benefit of these advantages and as he in the exam we liked, you will find on the following pages.

Beats By Dre Beatbox Dr. Dre working musician and composer Trent Reznor and hip-hoppers currently together on a new music streaming service that should enter into direct competition with Spotify. The company tr? gt the name Daisy and to middle of the n? start next year. The implementation takes over Dre’s headphone? rer manufacturer beats by Dre.

F nourishes Reznor as a unique selling proposition by Daisy on the music Empfehungen. Other services such as Spotify w are leaving in their music tips on a computer estimated analysis. Daisy should come and therefore the taste of the members better meet the recommendations from other users.

The sign tagged himself the pers? Reznor equates with a competent advisors in the record store this personal recommendations. He wei?, what its customers m?, can give them but also tips for new bands and? K similar artist type.

Services like Spotify gestures while bridges offer millions of Musikst w, are their users w but rarely zuf? casually about new and interesting K artist stumble. Daisy should even computer-gest estimated recommendations, these however mix with tips from other users, to achieve as an individual score.

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